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Thread: Finaly get to build a FFR

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    Looks nice what size did you get?
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    315/30 r18 rears and 255/35 r18 up front. This is the size factory five recommends, since I didn't want to deal with tire rub I used their suggested sizes.

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    Finally the weatherman was wrong in my favor. On Saturday it was sunny and nice out in the morning so I ran the car around the block a couple times. I found that I love the motor that Craft Racing built. It sounds grea,t runs very civilized if just cruising and it's fully warmed (surges a bit when cold), and it will liquefy the tires on command in at least the first 3 gears. �� IMG_2289.JPG

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    Those tires look wicked!
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    Thanks, they are the Toyo R888 replacements. Same rubber compound but revised cording and sidewalls for better response and stability. I haven't had a chance obviously to run them at the track yet so I can't give you my thoughts on how they do when warmed up.

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    Those are some MEATY tires! If you don't mind the tip, it looks like you need some help with pics and such.

    Here are some links with tips...

    ...about managing a build thread title:

    Embedding pics using our gallery:

    More about offsite pics:

    PS I gotta hand it to you BIG HP guys. I'm very happy with my little 302. At least I can put my foot into it without too many surprises...

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    Cool, thanks for the help with the pics. I would post more often, but every time the pics don't want to work.

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