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Thread: Matrix TR-42, a mid-engined RWD suby kit car

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    Matrix TR-42, a mid-engined RWD suby kit car

    Hi everyone,

    I am very new to the kit car scene so I'm sorry if this is general knowledge, but I found another kit car that is very similar in concept to the new FFR design. The TR-42 by Matrix Motor Werks is an exocar (like the Ariel Atom) that was originally designed to use a Porsche 914 drivetrain but was designed with Suby power in mind. There are currently 2 Suby-powered prototype cars well into the assembly phase. I thought the FFR guys might be able to get some ideas from these builds. It is also a great chance to see what the underpinnings of the new design might look like, and of course it's a really neat car in its own right and worth checking out. Here are the 2 build threads over at exocars.net which are definitely worth a read if you are interested in the FFR's new model.

    tl;dr: a cool suby-powered kit car

    Erik's Mako - Suby powered TR-42, Chassis #002

    Marty's Mako - Suby powered TR-42, Chassis #004


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    can you get pic from the links? I'm not going to join to see what they are.

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    There are tons of pics and it doesn't seem like they allow linking so I'd say it's probably worth creating an account. There is also a thread on NASIOC that has some pics, but none showing the engine in. Here are a few from that thread:


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    Originally I thought the green car was from FF. I think that looks great and I hope that they go in that direction or the K1.

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    There is also the SDR WR3 V-Storm exo style kit car which was released a while ago based on a Subaru engine:



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    here is a shot with the engine in place:

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