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Thread: Location of Brake and Hydraulic Clutch Reservoirs

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    Location of Brake and Hydraulic Clutch Reservoirs

    I have seen posts about making sure that the half way point in the reservoirs is located above the highest point of the line supplying the master cylinder.

    I have the Wilwood pedal box with the cylinders all mounted inside the top of the box and I want to mount the reservoirs i have made to look old school on the 3/4 tube forward of the footbox but am concerned that I will not have them high enough over the MCs to work properly.

    Please advise.

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    Carl, I hope you don't mind a "non-tech" chiming in but here's how I did my reservoir bracket. I used some scrap .040 aluminum plate to mount the reservoirs to and a 2" x 1/8" aluminum stock that I bent in a vice to create a bracket that mounts from the back of the plate to the lower 3/4" frame tube. The top of the plat is riveted to the upper 3/4" square tube:

    Make sure the bracket is placed aft of where the top of the hood struts will be when the hood is closed. I can get measurements if you want to copy this design. It's cheap, effective and the position of the reservoirs is where they need to be in relation to the clutch and brake assembly.

    My $.02

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    You can mount them on the firewall
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    The reason for the location was the desire to keep it close to the locations on the 427s. I have since done some measurements and think it will work. If not I will mount on the firewall.
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    That would be a shame to cover up that beautiful polish job on the firewall. If you do, a 3 inch deep bracket worked for me but I only cleared the EFI intake (Holley) by about a half inch. It looks like you have a carb looking EFI so you could bring those CNCs out a little more and get to the tops easier. But a lot of people have used the side mounting and it seems to work. The only thing I wondered about was perging all the air from the lines. When you put them on the firewall, it evacuates very easily by gravity. It gave me peace of mind knowing I would not have to fight the brake bleeding process. Good luck. Nice looking engine bay. WEK.

    Opps. Just realized that was not your engine bay right? That's why it's where it is! That was David's: known for the mirror polish job. Check out his trunk. Wow!
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    Thanks for the ideas. I have been able to do some measuring. If I mount the three reservoirs just forward of the front DS panel, use 90 deg fittings on bothe ends I should be able to keep the runs flat withe respect to the run back to the MCs. With the reservoirs over 1/2 full I will be above those runs and the MCs.


    The blue line in the photo shows the approximate route for the lines (in vertical reference to the MC)

    I should be far enough to the rear that I will not have interference with any hood struts.

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    Another Question: Can I run AN3 vice AN4 from the reservoirs to the MCs?

    I found bango connections I could use at the MCs but only with AN3 ends. Carl
    The banjo connection is the lowest profile connection I can find.
    Mk 4 Roadster
    October 25, 2012 - Kit Arrives
    April 8, 2013 - Build Starts

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    Hi Carl,

    I'd think that would be fine as long as you can get proper fittings. I don't think there are any huge flow requirements between the reservoir and the master, but you could also confirm that directly with Wilwood.

    Jason @ FFR

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