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Thread: Steve's MK IV Coyote Build

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    Checking off a few more projects.

    When I had the body on for test fitting I realized that fitting the front splash shields was not something I wanted to do for the first time with a painted body. Since I have foot box vents I decided to install the splash shield with the body off, with cleco's for now.

    Edit: I removed the photo. It was pointed out to me that I flipped the left and right splash shields. Oops. Didn't want my photo to lead anyone else down the wrong path.

    So, at least I have my vent hoses in place passing through the splash panels. When I get the body in its final position I will trim the outside edges as needed. If I need to add material I'll use larger bulb seal or rivet pieces in place.

    While I was working with the vent hose I decided to trim the Finish Line scoops and screen for the front. I trimmed the plastic scoop to fit the back of the body but the screen didn't look right so I reversed the order and shaped the screen first and then trimmed the plastic scoop to fit the trimmed screen.

    I bent the outer shape by hand and then used a golf ball, forcing it forward from behind to get the screen to take a more rounded shape.

    I followed EdwardB's lead and drilled and tapped my wheels and knock off hubs for the 10-24 x 3/4" set screws to hold the hubs in place. I was a little nervous about this modifications but it was easier that I thought.

    I made a spacer ring out of .090 alum to take the place of the lug nut cover.

    Several layers of HD tape to keep the drill motor from gouging the wheel paint. Even with the tape I almost dinged it. My first thought is always, what will this cost me if I screw it up. Fortunately, no harm was done.

    Lots of cutting oil, frequent chip clearing and careful thread cutting.

    I added a bead of construction mastic behind the hub as well. They feel pretty solid.

    Last edited by Straversi; 04-17-2018 at 09:36 AM. Reason: Photo showed incorrect mounting.
    MK IV #8901 - Complete kit, Coyote, TKO-600, IRS. Ordered 5/23/16, Delivered 7/14/16, First Start 8/13/17, First Go-Kart 10/22/17. Build Thread:

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