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Thread: mach'er Mk4 #9146 Roadster Build (Complete Kit, 363W, TKO, IRS)

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    mach'er Mk4 #9146 Roadster Build (Complete Kit, 363W, TKO, IRS)

    A bit of background, which will repeat some of what Iíve posted previously, but some is new. Iím putting the repeat material here as a central repository of my build story.

    I started looking at Factory Five kits back in 2011. Originally, I had planned for a Coupe build, with so much enthusiasm that my gmail e-mail address (DaytonaCoupeBuilder) references that planned build. That all changed when a friend bought a Porsche Boxster S, and took me for a spin. Roofs are overrated! My Coupe build became a Roadster build that day.

    In May, 2016, my brother was diagnosed with brain cancer. He had a craniotomy, and the final diagnosis was Glioblastoma (GBM). Shortly after the surgery, he had a stroke Ė so in addition to fighting the cancer, he was fighting to walk, talk, and more. Radiation followed, along with physical therapy for the stroke. It was bad times. I spent a lot of last summer in Wisconsin doing what I could, but it sure puts lots of different things in perspective. In March of this year, he had a recurrence of the GBM, and he was initially put into a hospice. I travelled back to Wisconsin the day he entered, and my mother died unexpectedly that night while I was sleeping at her house. Yes, really. Now, my brother is out of hospice, as it wasnít really the right kind of care, and is currently in a 'memory care' facility, as he has virtually no short term memory. As hard as it is to accept, the reality is he, too, is dying. So, after all this, my wife and I decided this Factory Five project shouldnít be put off any longer. Because, you never know what tomorrow might bring. Live life like you were dying, not really intending to quote a country song.

    So, now, Iíve now officially pulled the trigger, and submitted my Roadster order on 5/19/17. Iím order # 122199, with an expected completion date of 7/1/17. Stewart Transportation will be delivering my kit, although the delivery timing is sort of a letdown. They're planning pick-up of the kit the week of 7/17, and we'll see what my delivery date is later. However, I'll be out of town again for work on 7/24 for a while, so I might be sort of screwed.

    My goal is a Roadster build that will be used primarily for cruising, occasional auto crossing and track days Ė but only for fun rather than hardcore competition, and hopefully some car shows Ė but again, mostly for the social experience rather than going for trophies (although I wouldnít turn them down). Oh, and if either of my daughters get named homecoming queen or anything of the sort Ė definitely parade use. Can the body support someone sitting on the deck between the seats? Seriously asking. Can it?

    Here is what I have planned for the build:
    A complete kit Roadster with IRS, power steering, leather seats, Halibrand replicas, a passenger roll bar to meet my wifeís request, and a few other things. Iím in Michigan, so it will also require wipers, windshield washers, and over-riders (I plan to only install the bumpers if I have an issue with the state required inspection). I included wind wings, visors (although Iím not sure that Iím going to use them), a powder coated chassis, glovebox dash, vintage gauges, SS side pipes, and front and rear sway bars. I'm planning on manual brakes.

    For the engine, I'm an engine guy, so it has to be absolutely beautiful. No engine beauty covers here, the engine itself will have to be a work of art. I have a Dart block based 363 build planned. Holbrook will be building my long block. In addition to many other components, I already have purchased a Jim Inglese 48 IDA system. The engine should be ready for pick-up on 7/3/17, at which time Iíll have to finish itís build. Iíve already purchased nearly all the required components for that build. The block will be painted red engine enamel, and there will be a significant amount of chrome and polished stuff underhood.

    The transmission will be a Tremec TKO-600 (TCET5008, with the 0.64 ratio 5th gear), which I purchased from Mike Forte, along with the flywheel, bellhousing, and hydraulic clutch set-up. It is all in hand, and should be ready for assembly.

    Body: Red with White racing stripes. I do plan on gumballs on the hood and decklid, but not on the sides, with the number 5 in the gumball. Not because itís a Factory Five, but due to all my homebuilt guitars, amps, and effects pedals having my 'Mach5' logo on them - sort of my brand for my builds, so I want to use it on the car as well. Hence my machíer user name, although there is more to that story (but weíll save that for another day). I plan on powder coating the aluminum panels, but have abandoned the plan to powder coat the chassis red. Red, white, and chrome, with a black interior.

    I now plan on doing the bodywork myself, but having the paint done professionally by an experienced FF painter. I do have some recommended shops for the paint, but as it is still a ways off, Iím always open for suggestions on this one.

    As a final touch, I have a customized license plate planned. But I'm holding that close to the vest...

    Iíve lurked for years, and now am jumping without a net. Well, not really without a net. My plan and this website are my net. This site is a great resource, and as I go through this process I know help is only a post away. You guys rock! And along those lines, I plan on keeping a thorough build thread. Maybe someone else can use it someday, the same way Iím using the build threads of those that came before me.

    While I was lurking, I ended up purchasing some things that Iím ultimately not going to use. Iíll eventually be putting these things in the Classified section. Some might be pay-it-forward, as I donít know that there is still a market for things like knuckles/hubs for the old IRS system.

    I look forward to July, and really kicking off this build. In the meantime, Iím moving forward with prep work. More on that shortly.

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    Look forward to following along. Congrats again on the order.
    Sorry to hear the news of your Mother's passing and of your Brother's health. God Bless!

    Sounds like a great build plan!
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    Build Thread
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    Im so sorry to hear about your mother, its been 6 years since i lost my mother and it still hard. Congrats on your kit
    San Jose, CA
    Dreaming of the MK4
    Purchasing the kit within the next 5 years.

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    Parts are piling up, waiting to be used. I have an Excel document that outlines all the components I've identified as required, but don't think I can upload an Excel file. It includes a scratch built engine, transmission system, IRS set-up, tools, and the complete kit as I've spec'd it out. I kinda wish I could share it, both for fresh eyes review (to see what I've missed) and because I think it would be useful reference for others just starting up.

    Here are my main piles:
    Rear End Parts.JPGPileOParts.JPG

    In that pile are most of the engine parts, other than the long block components, which are now at my chosen engine builder.

    I had purchased one set of valve covers when I was planning a coupe build, but my build plan has sort of changed. I didn't think the black wrinkle valve covers fit the red/chrome/polished look I'm looking for in my new plan. Here is the old and new valve covers. The black CS Shelby ones will be hitting the classified section eventually.

    I'd say the biggest, most exciting, box in that pile is this:

    I'll be building my Chassis Dolly soon, and a body buck. In addition, a lot of reorganizing and cleaning is required in my garage.

    The kit will be complete on 7/1/17; however, it doesn't appear delivery will occur till early August. I'm trying to coordinate a known business trip with the Stewart schedule. Its coming... I just don't really know when, yet.

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    It seems strange to write condolences and congratulations in the same sentence ... Condolences on the loss of you mother and the difficult times your brother is facing and congratulations building your dream.

    The components and plan look great ...


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    Your story is an alternate universe to my story. My Brother-In-Law was struck with Glioblastoma. My own brother had a near-fatal accident that left him in a coma and came THIS CLOSE to dying. My decision to pull the trigger was the same as yours. Don't let the days slip away. Don't put off your dream for another day. We have so precious few to begin with!

    My hope is that you have as great experience as I had, and continue to have. Sure looks like you've done your homework on the build; that drive-train looks GREAT! I'm jealous already! Stacks rock. Looks like a quiktime bellhousing and TKO, nice. Clutch? BTW I highly recommend Forte's hydraulic clutch setup. Did you get the 2015 IRS option? What brakes?

    My build thread shows some stuff like routing brakes and fuel lines. They are in my sig below. There are also a TON of good build threads showing a BAZILLION mods and tips so I'd check those out.

    I have some basic links that might help, especially if you'd like to show your images in line instead of as attachments. Also, you might want to change the title of the thread to put in your latest news. I have a link for that too.

    Here are some links with tips...

    ...about managing a build thread title:

    Embedding pics using our gallery:

    More about offsite pics:

    Finally, not to leave my Saint mother out of this, she wasn't taken suddenly, she went to hospice. But when they put her in that ambulance she was coherent. When she came out she was virtually in a coma. Hospice drugged her so hard she was gone in a day. That left me a feeling like I still had things still to say. I have regret about that. I'm very sorry about your loss, and in addition my thoughts go out to your brother. If you've read up on GBM, you know the path he's on. I don't mean to sound like a pastor, but if you have anything you want to say to him I'd do it soon.

    Wow that got heavy. Life is like that some times though...

    Looking forward to your build. We're here to help if you need it!

    PS I noticed the "W". logo. Are you are Badger? There's another Badger you might know. He owns a little company called FFR.

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    Thanks for all the condolences. This car has been a dream for some time, and moving forward with it is going to help me move forward.

    David, it is amazing to hear stories like yours, and how "not rare" Glioblastoma really is. After my brother's experiences, I feel for anyone that has had to deal with a loved one going through this.

    Yes, I am a Badger alumni. I grew up in Wisconsin, and then went back to go to UW-Madison after serving in the Army. And yes, I had noticed that Mr. Smith is a fellow Badger alum. Which is cool! We are everywhere. I think I'll wear a Badger shirt to the Open House in June.

    I will read your links about build threads, and try not to break any rules.
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    I, too lost my beautiful wife of 25 years to that dreaded Glioblastoma last June. I am currently on the outside looking in on the forums and planning to pull the trigger on placing an order for a Mark IV complete kit. I currently have a Porsche Speedster replica that I have owned for almost 20 years. With the outstanding support that I received from my wife as my crew chief on my Speedster build, I am driven to build a FFR Cobra in her memory. I have always wanted to own a Cobra replica and she has always supported my desire, but with family obligations and the normal distractions in life, I picked up the Speedster kit was was more affordable at the time. Now that the kids are grown and after reading your story, this might the push I need to make my Cobra dream happen. The icing on the cake would be that my wife was born in 1965, the year of the Cobra. Condolences to you on the loss of your mom and my thoughts and prayers for your brother.

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    So, I've built my chassis dolly, and a body buck.

    I don't have a picture of the body buck ready to upload, but I do have a question. I used the pipe insulation on the front and rear end boards; however, they are not staying put on either radius for the rear fender arches. Gorilla Glue? Some staples? Or just let it be, and let the body hold it down once I place it on there?

    And, when will I be placing a body on that buck? Well, my completion date is 7/1/17. However, I have to go on a couple work trips in July, so it looks like Stewart Transportation will be delivering my kit the week of 7/31/17, according to Jolene. I have the week of 7/3/17 earmarked to clean out my garage and get it all prepped, before I fly off on 7/9. But when I get home on 7/28 - I'll be bouncing off the walls waiting for that phone call before a semi to rolls up to my house.

    In the meantime... I did the wire transfer for my final payment a few days ago. I just got an e-mail today stating that my Wilwood brake kits have shipped, with a planned FedEx delivery date of 6/23. So, I can mount the rotors to the hats, and practice my safety wire technique, before my trip. I purchased my tires, and now have them in my garage waiting for wheels (Nitto NT555 G2 tires, 315/35ZR17 for the rears and 245/45ZR17 for the front). I ordered an Aviaid oil pan a while ago, and it has now arrived as well. These, and a few other things, have been added to my pile 'o parts in the garage.

    Another big part of my meantime is reading all the other build threads. Man, I think I can do this - which is a good thing, since I'm pretty well all in at this point.

    I might update once or twice between now and kit delivery, but for the most part, I am idling. Treading water. Stalling. No, not stalling, that's never a good thing to say in relation to a car project. I do have a 5e3 amp clone project built that I need to go power-up for the first time. I guess I'll go do that.

    Enjoy your projects, guys. My countdown to joining you is nearing completion.
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    [QUOTE=mach'er;284063]So, I've built my chassis dolly, and a body buck.

    I don't have a picture of the body buck ready to upload, but I do have a question. I used the pipe insulation on the front and rear end boards; however, they are not staying put on either radius for the rear fender arches. Gorilla Glue? Some staples? Or just let it be, and let the body hold it down once I place it on there?

    If you drill holes just below the insulation you can run zip ties threw the board and wrap around the insulation. I am also building up a pile of parts my kit will be done on the 8th of July. I will have one of those fancy engine covers on mine though LOL. Did you get the 50/50 sale? It seems they changed it after about a week to 40% off after I ordered mine.
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    The weight of the body will hold the pipe insulation in place once it is on there. I had the same issue and just waited to put the body on for it to take care of itself. The zip tie solution Paul offered sounds like a good idea though.
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    I also use zip ties to hold the pipe insulation on the body buck. A handful on the front and back hold the insulation in place until the body is placed. Just be careful to not slide the body back and forth too much while it's on the buck. The rough underside of the body tears up the relatively fragile insulation pretty easily. Good luck with your delivery. The time will be here soon.
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    Hey Mach-

    I too will add my condolences on your Mom and well wishes for your brother. You have already gotten some good advice, so I will not add any additional thoughts on that. I wish you didn't have these types of issues to deal with, but I haven't found a way to avoid them. So, I will just wish you well as you navigate through the challenges.

    As far as your build, I think you have a great plan! You have clearly done your homework, and have set yourself up pretty well for a great build. It is all very exciting, and I remember all too well that long wait before she finally gets in the garage. Maybe you can pass a little time by throwing up a thread with some of your other projects (your amps and such). They sound pretty interesting...

    Best of luck as you get started. Don't be afraid to ask questions. There are some truly awesome people here who are generous with their time, advice and guidance for all things during the build. I have never been disappointed in the community here, and their willingness to provide candid advice!

    I look forward to following your build thread, and seeing your build plan come to life!



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    Sweet valve covers. Where did you get those?
    Started dreaming of a Cobra around 1987
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    Thanks guys.

    Paul2STL: Cool on your kit order, and your pile o' parts. Coyote engines are awesome, and I'm sure you'll like it a lot. Yes, I did get the 50/50 sale, which was nice. I saw that it got changed, and wondered how they'd handle changes/additions after they changed the terms. They, of course, were awesome about it. So, I was happy.

    Scott and edwardb (Paul, right? I'm horrible with names.): I know this one was a softball, but you guys are always so willing to chime in. And good tip about moving the body around on the buck, I'll watch for that.

    Steve: Thanks, and I'll get something up eventually in the off topic thread about my music projects. Here's a teaser:

    Yama-Bro: The polished open letter Cobra ones were from, ordered the same day I ordered my kit. The Shelby black wrinkle ones were purchased long ago (when I was planning a Coupe build), but I don't remember from where. They are Scott Drake valve covers, and I'm guessing not too hard to find (although mine will be for sale at some point).

    Again, thanks. I'm going the zip ties route, and I am more than certain this will not be my last stupid question.

    Roadster #9146 (363, Webers, TKO, IRS). Ordered 5/19/17. Delivered 8/18/17.

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    Steve, one more question. What's the WIS89?

    <---- You might notice a little flying W over there. I've been looking at your user name for a long time lurking, wondering what the chances were that WIS was in any way related.
    Roadster #9146 (363, Webers, TKO, IRS). Ordered 5/19/17. Delivered 8/18/17.

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    Upcoming - Three Weeks Away, Then, BAM!

    So, this will be my last and final update prior to starting my actual build. On Sunday, 7/9/17, I'll be flying away for three weeks on the road (two weeks in Europe, then a week in Arizona). I'll be home on 7/28/17, and Stewart Transportation has stated that my kit will be delivered during that first week that I'm back.

    I've been spending my time prepping my garage for the build. And, as of now, I think I'm prepped. Here is a picture of my space.


    I have about 2.5 cars worth of a 3 car garage until winter comes. Then, I'll have to figure out how to get that down to 2 cars worth of the space, as my wife will need to park her vehicle in the garage during the winter months.

    My engine, well, I don't know. They were apparently closed on 7/3 as part of Independence Day. My wife has our whole family committed to boating tomorrow (7/5). I'll be calling tomorrow to find out the status, but won't be able to pick it up until 7/6 at the earliest, if the weather is nice (I need to drive about 45 minutes with it in the bed of my pick-up, and would rather not drive my brand new engine home in the rain). I'm hopeful that I'll get the long block build into the garage prior to my departure for Europe. I had kind of thought I'd be doing some of the engine finish build work prior to my trip. Now, I just hope I have the chance to lay some primer and chassis black on the trans and diff housing this coming weekend.

    I'm going to be reading my build manual on the plane, and while I'm on the road. Any suggestions on other reads for the next three and a half weeks?

    I surely hope my next update documents the delivery process and how awesome Stewart Transportation is at their specialty. Once these trips are over, I'll be putting a couple things in the classified as well. I want to hold off till I'm able to get the stuff shipped quickly after any deals are made, so I'm holding off.

    Tonight, I'll be blowing a whole bunch of stuff up (most fireworks are legal in Michigan, and we've got some serious stuff ready to go). Enjoy your 4th of July, and the upcoming weekend. Next Update... Delivery! Whooo Hooooo!
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    I haven't posted in a long time. My brother died on 7/12/17, and I spent quite a bit of time just doing nothing. Not to sound like Forrest Gump, but that's all I'm going to say about that.

    Anyway, I've got some catching up to do on this build thread, so while I await my powder coater's turnaround of my first 32 panels, I'll work on getting that remedied.

    First, I got my garage space in order. Long ago, it looked like this:
    Garage Mess.jpg

    After a good bit of organization and work, it looked like this - ready to receive this awesome project:
    Shop Space2.JPGShop Space3.JPG

    Yup, that's me. I added four overhead lights in the bay I plan on doing the majority of the work, and just added one more above my main work bench. Let there be light, and it makes a huge difference. A clean, well lit space seems like a great idea, and I got there before my kit was delivered.

    The kit delivery... Yeah, that got delayed a couple of times. Work trips, and family issues caused a few self inflicted delays; however, it did occur on 8/18. But, I still have a bit of catch up to do before I get to that.

    Up next, engine build up and my rivet experiment.
    Roadster #9146 (363, Webers, TKO, IRS). Ordered 5/19/17. Delivered 8/18/17.

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    So, I picked my long block up from my chosen engine builder on 7/31. I was really happy to get it home.
    Engine Arrival.JPG

    I found that the skis I bought would not work on the Dart block without some significant grinding/modification. So, the builder let me borrow this engine cradle, which worked for getting it home. I bought Stumpy's engine cradle (skis) for a road race/T oil pan. The Dart block has casted webs that interfere with the fit. I'm going to assume that the engine mounts are going to have the same problem. However, I'd much rather grind the skis and engine mounts than start grinding away at a block that cost around $2000.

    Anyway, after getting the engine home, I finished off the assembly of the engine. I had some difficulties with the rocker arm geometry, and somehow ordered the wrong length rocker arm studs. But, long story short, in the end, I got it right, and had the contact at the right place on the valve tips.
    Rocker Arm Geometry.JPGRocker Arm Install.JPG

    Then, the oil pan, valve covers, intake assembly and a good portion of the FEAD went on.
    Engine Assembled.jpgEngine Assembled2.jpg

    In the end, the engine is on the engine stand - ready and waiting for it's next steps.

    I had problems in the following areas:
    1. Oil Pan Fit. I ordered an AVIAID replica pan. It is a thing of beauty. However, the rails were really tight to the bottom flanges of the block. I had to spread it a bit with brute force, and am more than slightly worried that I'm going to be fighting oil leaks right off the bat once I get to first start.

    2. Piston Stop. I installed a piston stop to find TDC when indexing the adjustable timing pointer. After completing this process, I forgot the piston stop was still in the engine and turned the motor with a breaker bar on the crank nose. The threads of the piston stop kissed the top of the piston quite well. A passionate kiss. I've decided to leave it be, as a bore scope shows it happened - but ultimately I just don't want to go there. So, I don't feel like tearing down the motor to replace a piston and I'm going to live with the consequences. A case of, "Umm, carbon will probably just fill those spots" which ultimately I'll might just live to regret. But, I'm moving on.

    3. Valve cover gaskets. I am using Dart Pro1 heads. The rails that the valve cover gasket ride on must be slightly differently dimensioned than stock Ford heads, as the first set of awesome valve cover gaskets I bought didn't fit. They hung over the intake manifold side slightly, and didn't create a seal. Therefore, I changed them out to the cork part number recommended by Dart. I guess there's probably a reason they recommend them, and fitting might just be involved.

    4. Valve cover to Jim Inglese throttle linkage bracket interference. I had to grind down the fins(?)/ribs(?) on the top of the valve cover on the driver's side to allow clearance for the linkage included in Jim's set-up. Not a big deal. Just pulled out the die grinder and took care of it.

    Oh, and that picture of me unloading the engine from the bed of my old truck... Yeah, that's about the last thing that truck did. It was long in the tooth, and didn't make it much past that job. So, out with the old, and in with the new...
    New Truck.JPG

    (I screwed that up while typing. I hope it posts correctly.)

    Up next, showing my rivet experiment...
    Roadster #9146 (363, Webers, TKO, IRS). Ordered 5/19/17. Delivered 8/18/17.

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    So, I have decided that I really like the appearance of a scheme where the rivet heads contrast with the panel. So, I'm going with silver panels in some places and want red rivets. I had read Paul's tale of painting rivets, so thought I'd give it a shot.

    I made a panel with appropriately sized holes for 1/8" and 3/16" rivets:
    Rivet Painting Experiment.JPG

    Then used self etching primer, a red color coat, and a clear coat:
    Rivet Painting Experiment2.JPGRivet Painting Experiment3.JPG

    I didn't really like the way they turned out, as the clear coat resulted in a wrinkle finish. So, I read the rattle cans. Sure enough, the clear said not to use on the type of paint I used for the color coat. Therefore, I repeated the whole process with different paint, that would supposedly play well together.

    Also, at that point, I ordered a box of McMaster-Carr colored rivets.

    After giving my home job adequate time to dry, I pulled a few. Here is what I found:
    Rivet Painting Experiment4.JPG

    My home painted rivets (one on the left) didn't fare too well when pulled, either with a hand riveter or a pneumatic riveter. The commercially available did better (one on the right. Not perfect, but better).

    Based on these findings, I went ahead and ordered a bunch of red rivets from McMaster-Carr. They weren't too expensive, and I'm hoping that they continue to fare as well during the build. I'm hoping I can get the look I'm going after, but will default to just bare rivets if it doesn't go well.

    If you're going for painted rivets, give it a trial beforehand. I don't know that it's any cheaper to not just buy them, if you can get the color you want. Based on Paul's results, home painting rivets can certainly be done - but I sure didn't have much luck.

    Anyway, that's about all I did prior to delivery. I'm going to hold off a few days before posting my delivery stories, sharing my mad inventory skills, and catching up the thread to my current status.

    Enjoy the day. I guarantee it's better than someone else's, no matter how bad it's going. And we're building cars, so it can't be all bad.
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    Roadster #9146 (363, Webers, TKO, IRS). Ordered 5/19/17. Delivered 8/18/17.

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    Sorry to hear about your brother

    The motor looks sweet nice job

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    I used Stewart Transportation for delivery of my kit. My completion date was 7/1/17, and my delivery finally occurred on 8/18/17. My delivery date was delayed 3 times. Once because of my own work trips (three weeks worth of business travel), once because of my own family situation, and once because of someone else's family emergency. But, all that is in the rear view mirror, as it finally did come.

    And, just to be absolutely clear, I am NOT blaming Stewart Transportation in any way for the seven weeks it took to get my completed kit. The first two delays were my own fault, and the third one - well, things happen. Believe me, I know that things like that happen. I'm only telling the story, the way it happened. If I was pointing fingers, it'd be at me, in the mirror. If anyone tells you an estimate of delivery timing when you're ordering your kit, keep in mind that stuff happens.

    I did have one actual false alarm, where I was fully expecting something to happen - and it didn't. Bottom line, Jolene or the driver are the contacts for information. Anything that anyone else tells you may or may not have some sort of minimal connection to reality. At one point, I called Factory Five, and asked if my kit was still up on the rack awaiting pick-up by Stewart. When told that it was, I asked for a picture (and they happily took one and sent it to me). Even though I was disappointed it was still on the rack at Wareham, I was pretty excited to have a picture of my car (Here's the pic they sent me).

    After several conversations with Jolene at Stewart Transportation over the weeks of delays, I received a call on 8/14 to tell me that my kit had been loaded in the truck, and that Jerry would be hitting the road, with three deliveries prior to mine. My expected date would be 8/18 - but that Jerry would call me the day of my delivery with an estimate of his arrival time.

    As promised, Jerry called me on 8/18, and told me where he was, and asked for confirmation of my address - along with basic information about my street and such. He told me that traffic and construction were playing havoc on his progress, but gave me an estimate on his arrival time. He called 2 additional times to update me on his progress as he worked through the nightmare of construction that was going on near Toledo, and his final update's ETA was dead on the money.

    I had taken the day off work, based on the expectation of the kit arriving, and when I saw the truck coming up the street, it very well may have been the best vacation day I've taken in the 22 years I've worked at my company. I was giddy. My wife (a teacher) and kids were all still on summer vacation, so we were all home on that Friday, and all went out to greet Jerry.

    I had built my chassis dolly beforehand (based on Jazzman's details), as I've shown in prior posts, and I had gone out and purchased a hand truck to help with moving boxes and whatever. When Jerry lowered the frame down onto the chassis dolly, it fit absolutely perfectly. And, not that I was worried, but once we pushed/rolled it up the driveway, and into the garage, without the chassis dolly collapsing, I did let out a sigh of relief. So, thanks Jazzman, and all those who contributed to the genesis and evolution of the chassis dolly plan he detailed so thoroughly.

    Okay, I guess I was worried a little bit. But, not anymore.

    I had my wife, and one daughter helping Jerry and me push the car (on the chassis dolly) from the street up to the garage. My other daughter was assigned the task of keeping track of what had been offloaded vs. what was expected (I can't figure out how to rotate this pic).

    I did not use the my hand truck at all. Jerry had a large platform type furniture dolly which we used for getting the many boxes from the truck to the garage. It took only about three loads (if I recall correctly), versus the 15 or more it would have taken using only my hand truck.

    Once everything was offloaded from the truck, Jerry packed his trailer back down and said he had one more delivery to make that afternoon, about 300 miles away back into Ohio. I think he left my house at about 2 PM. I had the passing thought that, man, that kind of sucks for Jerry - but someone in Ohio is going to be as excited as I was.

    Yup. It was cool. Obligatory picture, with me holding imaginary steering wheel.

    I did have something go awry during the delivery, but since I didn't know about it until inventory day, I'm not going to tell that tale until my inventory post.

    Car's in the garage, and everything is awesome.
    Roadster #9146 (363, Webers, TKO, IRS). Ordered 5/19/17. Delivered 8/18/17.

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    Looks like a darn good day!
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    My delivery day was a Friday, and we spent a large portion of Saturday and Sunday out in the garage doing inventory. I'm sure it's a method done by others before me, but while it probably isn't as efficient as some of the other methods discussed in the many build threads, here's a description of what we did.

    I had my wife helping me through the entire process. We decided to do the boxes in order, so we started with Box 1, and work our way up numerically. As for method, we started with the "create an Excel spreadsheet with imbedded pictures for each box to use for future reference" method while inventorying each box's contents, taking a picture of each part to put into the Excel file next to each part description. This method lasted halfway through the start of box 2, at which point we decided that the time required for this process was a nightmare. We then transitioned to the "keep going on the spreadsheet of each box for future reference, but without the imbedded pictures" method. This lasted through the end of box two. I then made the executive decision that all we were doing with the spreadsheet process was recreating the inventory list provided for each box's contents.

    So, in the end, we ended up just comparing contents against the provided inventory list by box. I would then re-tape the box, and mark with a Sharpie marker on the side of the box - listing a summary of the box's contents. I then made a copy of the inventory sheets, and have a 3-ring binder in which I am crossing out line items as parts are removed from a given box. We'll see how that works out.

    As we inventoried the boxes, every time we came across a bracket or part that was bare metal, I determined how I wanted that given part to be finished. We ended up with a box of parts to be sent to the powder coater to be coated gloss black (to match the chassis), and a box of parts to be sent for chrome. I think we had 23 parts we sent to get chromed, and 31 that went to get powder coated black.

    I did get these, which were used to verify each and every bolt/washer/nut provided as we completed inventory.

    I had one bolt that was longer than the length specified on the BOM, and a grand total of four other missing parts after completing the inventory. Given how many parts there are in all these boxes, I thought that was really, really good. That summary does not include my "Box 24 Issue", which I'll get to in a minute.

    In the end, I don't know if the bolt/nut gauges shown in the above picture were really necessary to do inventory, but they have been helpful for other reasons (so I'm glad I got them).

    As already detailed, my delivery was a bit delayed. One silver lining to that delay was that my POL was significantly shorter when the kit actually shipped, meaning that many of the things listed on my POL ended up just shipping with my kit. My POL, as shipped, was quite short compared to what it would have been if it had shipped close to the completion date.

    When the delivery occurred, we got to the end, and two boxes that were supposed to be there hadn't been offloaded from the truck yet. Box 24, and I think Box 17. Jerry found them in the trailer, and we checked them off the list. One problem... The Box 24 which was offloaded turned out to not be my box 24. I opened it expecting to find IRS control arms and links, but instead it had brake rotors, calipers, and other brake stuff. There were 2 kits still on the truck when Stewart Transportation drove away, and I'm guessing that the Box 24 that was left with me belonged to one of those two kits. The label was torn, and it just said "24". Well, enough of the label's number 24 was left to know it said 24. Unfortunately, this was late afternoon on Sunday, 8/20, so it was too late to try and call Jerry about it. I figure he was probably already offloaded and on his way back to Massachusetts for his next load.

    On Monday 8/21, I sent my inventory results to Factory Five, and alerted them to the Box 24 issue. They issued me a FedEx label to ship all 65 lbs of brake parts back to Wareham.

    We also took the body off, and put it on the body buck, to be able to review the parts attached to the frame. My wife and I were on the front and rear, with my 11 and 13 year old daughters on the sides. It was remarkably easy to lift with the four of us.

    It also allowed some silly behavior (caught in mid-dance moves).

    As it stands today, I'm only missing one thing from my POL (10627 - Door Latch Set). Everything else from my inventory finds, including my Box 24, and my other POL content, has been received.
    Roadster #9146 (363, Webers, TKO, IRS). Ordered 5/19/17. Delivered 8/18/17.

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    Deconstruction - Take it apart before you put it together (and a couple questions)...

    After reading all the great build threads on here, and given that I'm having my aluminum panels powder coated, I decided it best to do as much panel drilling as possible as I did disassembly.

    I started with the trunk panels, then went to the front and worked my way back to the bulkhead behind the seats.

    I've heard stories about broken drill bits, so I ordered 30 of these (3 10-packs) which really is 60 drill bits - since they are double ended:

    I also ordered some #10 bits of a different type, but haven't used any of those yet.

    After drilling all the panel's rivet holes, I still have 2 unopened 10-packs. So, either I'm doing something right, doing something wrong, or these were pretty good drill bits.

    I made couple mistakes initially, where I'd mark a panel, remove the panel, drill just the panel, and then mount the panel on the frame - only to find that one of the holes I'd drilled in the panel was in a location that I'd not be able to get the drill to finish the job once the panel was in place. Or, I'd drill a spot on the panel where a weld was right behind the hole. Thankfully, I didn't make the same mistake twice. However, I did find that there were several unique situations where a given mistake could be made once. Drill head clearance, weld placement, panel assembly order, etc.

    I didn't get many pictures through this process, but here are a couple:

    Holy crap, that was a lot of drilling. I tried to vacuum and sweep often. And I was very careful with eye protection during drilling.

    And for the questions regarding what tools are required, this is pretty much the extent of what I used for this part of the process:

    After completing all the drilling for rivets, my frame was completely bare:

    On my build, the firewall and those panels forward of the firewall, and the trunk panels are going to be powder coated a metallic silver color. The remaining passenger compartment panels will be getting a different powder coat color.

    I took all the panels that will be coated metallic silver to the powder coater, and expect them to be ready for pick-up this Friday. I'll be dropping the rest off for the other color when I pick up the completed silver ones. He suggested this to ensure that what I wanted one color didn't end up getting the wrong powder coat inadvertently. That sounded fairly safe to me.

    I do have a few questions at this point:

    1. How difficult is it to drill a hole after an aluminum panel is powder coated? Tape on both sides, center punch, and drill away? And if so, is there a type of tape that has proven to be more successful for this? Or am I just inviting a powder coating disaster if I try to drill a panel that's already been powder coated?

    2. All the holes I drilled in the frame rails... Should I be dabbing a bit of POR-15 in there? Or is that overkill?

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    1. Not sure what your concern is about drilling powder coated panels. No big deal. Center punch it like you would normally and drill away. The powder coat isn't going to chip, delaminate, whatever, assuming it was applied properly. It's pretty soft to drill actually.

    2. Overkill. I usually try to have the bead of adhesive (I used plain old Home Depot GE silicone caulk) go across the holes. Then when I press in and pull the rivet it's sealed plus the bare metal is coated. But even that is probably not totally necessary.
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    Yes, delamination is a good word for what was in my mind.

    Thanks for the reply. I'll cross both of those off my worry list.
    Roadster #9146 (363, Webers, TKO, IRS). Ordered 5/19/17. Delivered 8/18/17.

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